“Hard hitting dance floor destruction in the vein of Combichrist, Icon of Coil and Aesthetic Perfection”

iVardensphere’s goals are simple: the creation of music that will make you move with a fierce blend of dance floor punch, thick analog sound and tribal influenced rhythms. Judging by fans’ rabid reactions, it’s working in spades.

Based in Edmonton, Canada, Scott Fox infuses iVardensphere with a DJ’s sharp sense of getting a crowd revved up, honed through packing the dance floors DJing Edmonton’s notorious club nights SICK and Das OOntz. Soon after the completion of the first album, Scatterface, Scott enlisted the talents of Chris Lacroix to help with live performance, where the band shines. iVardensphere has been constantly active on stage, having performed with acts ranging from Apoptygma Berzerk to Iszoloscope to 16Volt and Chemlab at such places as Das Bunker in LA and the Kinetik Festival 3 in Montreal. Summer of 2010 saw the band hit a wide range of cities and venues all across the USA and Canada with Iszoloscope and ad*ver*sary, gaining loads of new fans. Word of their powerful live shows spread and they were asked to open Combichrist’s North American tour in the fall of 2010.

The next release, Remixes Vol. 1, came out in February 2010 on Synthetic Sounds, featuring remixes from Komor Kommando, Memmaker, Left Spine Down and more. iVardensphere’s much anticipated second studio album, Bloodwater, came out in November of 2010 to immediately start hitting the charts across Canada’s college radio circuit, peaking at #3 on !earshot’s national Electronic Top 10 and #4 on ChartAttack’s national Electronic Top 10.

iVardensphere are always eager to collaborate with a variety of artists, including working with taiko drummers and trading remixes with the likes of Rotersand. Past collaborations with Iszoloscope went so well that iVardensphere recently announced that Iszoloscope’s Yann Faussurier is now a full-fledged member of iVardensphere. Fox, Faussurier and Lacroix have wasted no time in starting work on a third iVardensphere disc for release in 2011.

iVardensphere has already come a long way in a short amount of time. The band continues its march towards global takeover… so prepare yourself to hear and see them on a dance floor near you!


iVardensphere Bloodwater


(SYN-12, released November 2, 2010)

iVardensphere Scatterface

Scatterface V2

(SYN-10, released September 14, 2010)

iVardensphere Remixes Vol1

Remixes vol. 1

(SYN-09, released February 16, 2010)

iVardensphere Scatterface


(SYN-05, released June 16, 2009)


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